Buying Vacant Land To Build A Vacation Rental


Buying vacant land to build a vacation rental can be a good investment opportunity, but there are several factors you should consider before making the purchase.


  1. Location: The location of the land is crucial in determining its potential as a vacation rental. Consider the proximity to tourist attractions, natural amenities like beaches or mountains, and accessibility.
  2. Zoning laws: Ensure that the land is zoned for short-term vacation rentals. Check with local authorities to confirm the permitted use of the land.
  3. Utilities and infrastructure: If the land does not have access to electricity, water, and sewage, you will need to budget for the installation of these services. The availability of cell phone reception and internet access is also crucial.
  4. Cost: The cost of the land should be factored into your budget, along with any additional costs for permits, construction, and utilities.
  5. Rental income potential: Research the rental market in the area and estimate the potential rental income. This will help you determine if the investment is financially viable.


Vacation rentals are always a great option to offset your land investment. We have many properties that allow vacation rentals, you can always reach us at or better yet give us a call at 724-888-5250 and let's talk about what your goals are!

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