Case Study: Buyer Wanted No Restrictions Land For RV


Benjamin came to us as a first-time land buyer, he was looking for a piece of land where he could live in his RV while he saves to buy or build a home. He was tired of paying rent and knew the only way he could move closer to his dream of owning a home is to start investing now.


We had several RV Friendly properties at the time, so were zoned for RV Storage, some were zoned for limited RV use, and some were totally unrestricted and allowed full-time RV Living. We found the perfect match for Benjamin, and he's not only thrilled with this piece of land, but we are also already sourcing another property for him as well.


Whether you are looking for a weekend place for your RV to avoid the high price and congestion of RV Parks, a place to store your RV in the off-season, a living option like Benjamin, or a great investment as RV lots are always in high demand, let us know and we'll help you find the right match for you!


You can always reach us at, or better yet give us a call at 724-888-5250 and let's talk about what you're looking for!

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