Case Study: Buying Vacant Land For The HOA Amenities


We’ve had two land sales recently where the buyer just wanted “in” to the HOA as the amenities were so incredible! 


The first buyer, Tom, is planning to build over the next 5 years, and while he gets his financing and plans together, he’s bringing up his RV on weekends (many HOAs allow short-term RV parking) to not only get to know the property better but to enjoy all the amenities the HOA offers. He didn’t want to wait until he had the funds to build, so this is the perfect solution and he is able to enjoy the pool, tennis courts, and easy water access in the interim!  


Our second buyer, Chris, has no intention of building and he never even stays on the land! He is an hour away and just wanted access to the beach and all the amenities of the HOA so this purchase makes sense. He knows it’s a great long-term investment and he will be able to sell the land for a profit at any point so it’s a win-win….for his bank account AND for his enjoyment of the amenities! 


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