Case Study: Couple Buys Vacant Lot for RV to Visit Their Son


Our clients Carolyn and Ron had been visiting their son in PA in their RV and paying high rates at a nearby RV park. While they were used to RV Parks, they didn't always love the noise and randomness of who their neighbors were. Their son asked us about what was available close by as they were looking at options. Choice Land was able to source a vacant lot one block away from the son that permitted RVs for up to two weeks at a time, which was the perfect solution for them. Now Carolyn and Ron can come and go as they please, and the son is building a tiny home on the lot to use as an Airbnb rental as well. Doors opened up for them when they changed the way they were thinking and looked at the investment potential of the vacant lot, what could be done with it, and how it could change both their lives. For our team, it was such a win-win working with this couple, it gives us great joy and satisfaction to find the perfect match for our customers!

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