Key Considerations for Investing in Vacant Land for Vacation Rentals



Investing in vacant land with the intention of building a vacation rental can be a lucrative opportunity, but it's crucial to weigh several factors before making a purchase.



Location Matters:

The success of your vacation rental hinges on the location of the land. Evaluate its proximity to tourist attractions, natural amenities like beaches or mountains, and overall accessibility. Choosing a desirable location enhances the property's appeal to potential renters.



Zoning Laws:

Before proceeding, confirm that the land is zoned for short-term vacation rentals. We always confirm zoning use for properties prior to listing them, that said we encourage you to also talk to the county (and HOA if applicable) to ensure compliance with regulations and permitted use of the property. This step prevents potential legal hurdles down the road.



Utilities and Infrastructure:

Check if the land has access to essential services like electricity, water, and sewage. If not, budget for the installation of these utilities. Additionally, consider factors such as cell phone reception and internet access, as these amenities can significantly impact the attractiveness of your vacation rental.



Cost Analysis:

Factor in the cost of the land along with additional expenses for permits, construction, and utilities when creating your budget. A comprehensive financial outlook ensures that you are prepared for all aspects of the land development process.   Consult with your tax specialist to determine if your property can be set up as a business from the beginning to maximize tax advantages. 



Rental Income Potential:

Conduct thorough research on the local rental market to estimate the potential income from your vacation rental. Understanding the demand and pricing in the area will help you determine the financial viability of your investment.



Exploring Vacation Rental Opportunities:

Vacation rentals can be a lucrative avenue to offset your land investment. Our diverse portfolio includes properties suitable for vacation rentals. Reach out to us at, or better yet, give us a call at 724-888-5250. Let's engage in a conversation about your goals and explore the exciting potential of investing in vacant land for vacation rentals.


Choice Land sells vacant land at wholesale prices. 


You can always reach us at or better yet give us a call at 724-888-5250 and let's talk about what you're looking for!

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